Benefits of Mindfulness

Why you should meditate with your partner.

  • Regulate Stress

    Research has shown that partners with greater measured mindfulness recover from stress more rapidly. Their stress hormones return to normal much quicker.

  • Changes How You Think

    Mindfulness practices have been shown to increase grey matter in key areas of the brain that are associated with problem solving and emotion regulation.

  • Generate Kindness

    Loving-kindness meditation, has been scientifically demonstrated to increase peoples' compassion towards others. Over 22 studies have demonstrated this!

Written by Ronald Rogge

Chief Content Developer

Ronald Rogge, PhD is a professor at the University of Rochester. As a clinical psychologist with more than 50 publications, he has devoted over 20 years of his life to researching relationships and the early years of marriage.
Written by Ronald Rogge

What Comes With This Series

Our meditation series only costs a modest fee of $19.99 for lifetime access. This is used to support developmental costs and to create even better programs! It was important to us to create a program that was affordable.

  • 7 full length, 15-minute long, guided meditations written by Ronald Rogge - a clinical relationship psychologist. No meditation experience needed.

  • 2 relationship questionnaires, Wellness Checks, that help give you a sense of how your relationship is doing both before and after you complete the series.

  • 7 days worth of post meditation discussion topics scientifically designed to increase emotional intimacy and foster greater mindfulness.

Program Curriculum

  • 1
    Day One
  • 2
    Day Two
    • Day Two Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Two Feedback
  • 3
    Day Three
    • Day Three Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Three Feedback
  • 4
    Day Four
    • Day Four Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Four Feedback
  • 5
    Day Five
    • Day Five Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Five Feedback
  • 6
    Day Six
    • Day Six Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Six Feedback
  • 7
    Day Seven
    • Day Seven Meditation
    • Post-Meditation Discussion Topics
    • Day Seven Feedback
    • End Wellness Check
    • Overall Satisfaction and Feedback Survey


  • How long does this program take each day?

    This 7 day program works best when you dedicate roughly 20 mindful minutes with your partner. This gives you plenty of time for the meditation and discussion topics.

  • I've never meditated before, is this program for me?

    Yes! This program requires absolutely NO experience with meditation or mindfulness. But experienced meditators will find tons of value as well!

  • What are the guided meditations like?

    This series incorporates meditation, mindfulness, and guided relaxation techniques. Each meditation shares a visualization, along with breathing techniques, for you and your partner. Please check out the free sample in our instructions section to better understand what the program will be like.

  • What is a wellness check?

    A wellness check is a brief questionnaire that you complete before and after this series, that will give you a sense of how your relationship is doing. Completing both wellness checks will help you to see how the meditations have helped your relationship. It will also help us make this program better, so that you can see an even greater impact to your relationship.

  • What if I have a question that this section doesn't answer?

    Please send us a message in the chatbox located in the bottom right corner. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have!

"We put our heart into this series because we know how great of an impact mindfulness can have in your relationships. It is our mission to help keep couples better together."

Khadesha Bryant, CEO and Founder

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